The Relais Duca di Dolle in the sixteenth century was the seat of a monastery of medieval origin of which remains today the main entrance and the arches of the cloister partly occluded.
Precisely the Camaldolese monks were the first to begin the winemaking tradition of these hills, so that the hermitage became a reference point of the area.
Later, the estate passed to the Brandolini family, until the first half of the 1900, when the estate became the property of the so called “peasant poet” Nino Mura. This singular character, amateur poet and lover of nature and culture, between the 50s and 60s opened the place for intellectuals and poets such as Giovanni Comisso and Andrea Zanzotto, with whom he loved to spend convivial evenings there. It was in ’74 that Antonio Bisol had the opportunity to meet Nino Mura. Later he bought the entire estate, which, thanks to careful restoration was finally evaluated. In addition, the village of Rolle, defined precisely by the poet Zanzotto “a postcard sent by the gods”, is declared the first point FAI in Italy for the protection of the landscape.
Since 2011 there has been a change of ownership: Duca di Dolle estate is currently an indipendent entity of the BACCINI Group.